Josh Cooke, cadet driver

The driver

Name: Josh Cooke
Age: 12
Weight: 45.6kg
Experience: Novice
Favourite F1 driver current: Daniel Ricciardo
Favourite F1 team: Renault

Josh has been driving karts since November 2019 and started racing only a few weeks later.  His first two races were thwarted with mechanical issues, resulting in a disappointing DNS and a DNF.  However, having overcome these issues the team has laid a good foundation in 2020, finishing 14th in Round 1 of the Teesside Sprint Championship 2020.  This being Josh’s third race.

Josh is an avid Formula 1 fan and outside karting, he enjoys programming and shooting.

The team is aiming to get into the top 10 finishers during the course of the championship.

The mechanic

Name: Matt Cooke
Age: 46
Weight: 72kg
Experience: Handy with a spanner
Qualifications: Read a few books, watched a few videos.  What more do I need?
Favourite F1 driver historic: Ayrton Senna (brilliant behind the wheel, such a nice guy in life)
Favourite F1 driver current: Lando Norris
Favourite F1 team: McLaren

Matt is the team mechanic (and part-time Team Principal, Logistics Director, Investor, Sports Coach, Nutrionist, Event Planner, Marketing Director, Director of Communications, IT Technician and Sports Psychologist ;).

After a bit of a bumpy start, Matt has now got to grips with the basics of a kart: it has a frame, four wheels, an engine, and we just need this thing to go as fast as it possibly can.  Easy, right?  And if we can have some fun in the meantime, make memories and build a strong and lasting relationship then it will all be worthwhile.

While winning a race would be nothing more than a dream at this point, we have set ourselves what we believe to be a realistic target for the Teesside Sprint Championship – we want to finish in the top 10 of drivers, certainly in one of the rounds, and possibly overall in the final standings.

Matt the Mechanic